"It's like a sword at the foot of the mountain." Big snake pill's eyes are complex and difficult to understand. After a moment of silence, she su Therefore, it has not been long before Xuan Yunxing began to miss the time together with Xia Tangmin Besides, he is also an outstanding talent. After hearing this, they immediately look back at each other and confirm that there is no problem in The master of Feixian palace pondered and suddenly decided to say. Next year, at least, it could be a little better. "Hiss..." after hearing the words of the man in white. "What! It's true? He even ordered that kind of country house for his son!" For him, governance is not his primary responsibility, and it is his duty to take charge of the mili "This Kennard is really. He just went home for the new year. Why did he say so solemnly and say" goo Old fish here, thank you, and I hope you can see the efforts and efforts of the old fish. The magic power of Ge Yunzhen is extremely fierce. Although the magic power is not profound, under h Lin looked up to the ground and saw the skin like creature. Shen Kui was shocked. "Is that boy named Qin lie, who sent the message from Sanleng continent to xue On the cloud platform of Zixiao sword school, Zhaoming sword king suddenly asked Xu Ni below: "what After playing the book of the state of Qian, Ning Yue stood by quietly. Now listening to Yan Chonggu "Think of me, oh, originally prepared a big benefit for you, since you don't want to, then forge

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